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Center on Your People

Use Generative Artificial Intelligence to meet the needs of your people and watch them meet the needs of your patients, students, and customers.

Astro Odyssee

Update the Model

Leaders have recognized the to acccount for the impact to people and processes of introducing new technology, but the scope and complexity of digital systems means acknoledging the impacts is no longer enough.

Astro Odyssee

Let Us Explore How AI Can Enhance Your Environment

Value Stream Analysis

Select a key value stream and we will map the steps and stages from initiation to satisfied customer including the roles, systems, and bottlenecks keeping you from your goals.

Agent Introduction

An artificial agent can be introduced into your environment at minimal cost to extend the analysis with real insights and experimental automation.

Solution Development

Deeper understanding of the systems and challenges will provide material for recommedning an appropriate implementation- one that works to support your staff and partners in the work they already do. Just better.

Astro Phronetic

Start Working Toward a Solution

A conversation with Phronetic happens directly with a technology leader. Bring your challenges, and let's see how we can help you move forward.

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